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Send your Name to Space on GenexQube-1
Have you ever dreamed of reaching for the stars? Now, you can become a part of space exploration! We are thrilled to invite you to participate in our exciting satellite project. Our small but mighty GenexQube-1 will orbit Earth, and you have the unique opportunity to send your name into space.

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What GenexQube Does?

GenexQube Is a Palm sized Satellite ( 5 x 10 cm size) which is designed perform scientific Expiriments in space

What Science?

GenexQube Will Demonstrate the capabilities to do expiriments in space and find the growth patterns of bacterium in Space

How will it fly?

GenexQube is scheduled to fly on Maiden flight of Vikram - 1, Flagship lauch Vehichle of Skyroot Areospace.

Where will it fly to?

The Rocket will put the satellite in to a circular orbit around earth, approximately 500 Km away.

How Can you support?

Fly your name to space!

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Can i get the Data from the satellite?

Yes! You can, You need to set up a ground station to get the data directly from our satellite into your room, You can build your own Ground Station from scratch or Build using one of our kits available to purchase


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