Genex Space Explorers Fellowship

The Genex Space Explorers Fellowship aims to ignite a passion for space education in both fellows and students, creating a lasting impact on the field of space science education.

About the Fellowship

The GENEX Space Explorers Fellowship is a prestigious two-year program designed to attract individuals passionate about space, astronomy, and education. The program aims to inspire and educate the next generation of space enthusiasts by providing fellows with the opportunity to teach and engage students in the wonders of space science and technology.

Program Goals


To foster a community of space educators who can contribute to the field of space education and space industry in the long term.


To bring together dedicated individuals with a passion for space


To provide comprehensive exposure and training in space education and pedagogy


To create impactful learning experiences for K12 students from all backgrounds (including underrepresented and rural communities)

Why You Must Apply?

If you have a passion for space and a love for teaching, the Genex Space Exploration Fellowship offers a unique opportunity to combine both interests. As a fellow, you will gain first-hand experience in researching and working on cutting-edge space projects while engaging with young minds to inspire the next generation of space enthusiasts. This program provides comprehensive training, mentorship, and professional development to enhance your skills and prepare you for a future career in space science and education. Additionally, you will have the chance to make a meaningful impact by participating in outreach programs and events, helping to foster a community passionate about space exploration. Join us to learn, grow, and make a difference while building a rewarding career in the fascinating field of space science.

Eligibility Criteria

The fellowship is open exclusively to Indian nationals. Final-year college students must obtain written approval from their college Registrar, permitting them to join Genex Space as full-time Fellows if selected. Selected candidates must be willing to commit to regular working hours for two years.
Eligible candidates include:
Teaching locations could be in any of the cities where Genex Space is currently operating.


Candidates selected for the GSE Fellowship will receive a fixed monthly allowance for two years while working at Genex Space. The stipend structure is as follows:

  • B.Tech Final Year Students: INR 18,000 per month
  • Graduates with 1 or More Years of Experience: INR 22,000 per month

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