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Space Education, Astronomy & Space Lab for Schools

Ready to send your students’ curiosity soaring beyond the classroom walls? Genex Space ignites young minds with immersive, hands-on space programs that bring the cosmos to life.

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space and STEM Programs for schools

AeroSpace Curriculum & Club

for students to explore and learn the wonders of the universe with space as an extracurricular or afterschool subject or a club

Space & STEM Labs

At your school to discover AEROSPACE AND STEM while building life skills such as creative thinking, problem-solving, modeling, building and more

Space Workshops

to introduce students to the exciting world of aviation and space. Through the workshop, participants can gain hands-on experience with the latest aerospace technology and gain meaningful insights of the Industry

Guest Talks by NASA/ISRO Scientists

Astronauts, engineers, and astrophysicists from NASA and ISRO ignite young minds with interactive talks, launching imaginations and dreams into the cosmos.

Field Trips to Space Organizations/NASA

A field trip to Space related places like Museums, Observatories, ISRO Centres NASA , Russia Space camp, Genex Space office and Space startups.

Skygazing Programs

experience to students at the school premises with an eventful of sessions on Astronomy, Telescopes, how to observe the sky, watching the Moon, Planets, Stars, Constellations, etc through telescope

Meet the Founders

Who are they?

At the helm of Genex Space stand two passionate pioneers, Sujay Sreedhar and Nikhitha C, united by a singular mission: to ignite young minds with the boundless wonder of space.

Fuelled by a decade of igniting curiosity about the cosmos, together, they’ve built Genex Space from the learnings of SSERD, an NGO dedicated to space education and research, as a springboard for starry-eyed dreamers, their combined expertise nourishing the next generation of space explorers. From immersive workshops to interactive programs, they foster a love for science that transcends the classroom and reaches for the stars. Their passion is contagious, their knowledge undeniable, and their impact on countless young lives a testament to the transformative power of space education. Under their guidance, Genex Space isn’t just a company; it’s a cosmic catalyst, transforming starry-eyed dreams into tangible footprints on the moon and beyond.

Blast Off into Learning with Genex Space!

Our interactive programs spark a love for science that transcends textbooks. We don’t just teach about space; we make it real, igniting a passion that could send your students soaring to the stars. ✨

Reach for the cosmos with Genex Space. Contact us today and let’s embark on an epic STEM adventure together!

Your students' journey to the stars starts here

Genex Space isn’t just about space; it’s about unlocking a universe of potential within your students. Through hands-on, interactive programs, your young explorers will:

Gain practical engineering skills

Build rockets, satellites, and even Martian habitats, learning the principles of mechanics, electronics, and coding as they go.

🪐 Become mini space physicists

Understand the forces that govern our universe, from gravity and inertia to orbital mechanics. The mysteries of space become tangible experiments they can design and conduct.

Ignite a lifelong curiosity

Ask questions, delve deeper, and find answers. Genex Space fosters a scientific spirit that fuels a love for learning and exploration.

Map out future possibilities

Discover diverse fields within the aerospace industry, from astrophysics and astronomy to robotics and spacecraft engineering. The sky’s not the limit; it’s the starting point!

Sharpen critical thinking skills

Analyze problems, brainstorm solutions, and test their ideas through experimentation. Genex Space empowers young minds to think creatively and solve challenges like real scientists.

Collaborate and innovate

Teamwork is key! Students learn to communicate, share ideas, and work together to achieve their spacefaring goals.

Reach for the stars (and beyond!)

Compete in space-related challenges and conferences, showcasing their knowledge and skills on a wider stage. Who knows, future astronauts might be born right here!

Fuel a lifelong passion

Inspire a generation to dream big and reach for the stars. Genex Space doesn’t just teach about space; it ignites a passion that could send your students soaring to the stars and beyond.
Ready to embark on this epic STEM adventure? Contact Genex Space today and let your students’ space odyssey begin!

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