Introducing GenexSpace

Do astronauts inspire you? Do you dream of space? Genex Space will introduce you to the universe and help you define your dream. GenexSpace is committed to igniting curiosity and preparing the young generation for this space-age, so they can help solve significant challenges of our time with the help of Space Science and Technology.


Career Guidance

The lack of knowledge about careers and career path choices has misled many students from achieving their goals. Genex Space provides personalized career guidance, counselling and trains students from finding the right university to finding the right job in the space industry based on their skills.


Updated Information

Our school books have chapters dedicated to space science, but it only speaks about History and the basic knowledge of the celestial bodies. In contrast, at Genex Space, the focus is on providing the updated information necessary to follow a career path in space, including the industry's current developments and future scope globally.

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