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At Genex Space, we guide passionate individuals navigating the complexities of the space industry. Our immersive training programs empower enthusiasts to evolve into trailblazing space pioneers.

What We Offer


Tailored Space Education Programs

Explore our comprehensive range of space education programs designed for schools, universities, and mid-career professionals. From hands-on workshops to cutting-edge research opportunities, we cater to diverse educational needs.


Empowering Futures with Space and STEM Labs

Engage your students in the marvels of space through our advanced Space and STEM Labs. Explore how our Space Labs elevate the learning journey, nurturing a deep passion for science and technology.


Launch Your Space Journey with Genex

Launch your career journey in the space industry with Genex. Beyond traditional education, we offer tailored guidance and hands-on experiences, opening doors to the space industry

Join the crew aboard Blue Origin’s rocket

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What is happening at Genex Space

Genex Space Signs MOU with Alliance University

We are excited to share a significant milestone in our journey toward fostering academic excellence and innovation. Today, we proudly announce the formalization of a MOU between Genex Space and Alliance University, Bangalore.

Genex Space Develops Educational Content For ISRO​

ISRO partners with Genex Space, tapping into their expertise to jointly develop educational programs, creating a collaborative approach to enhance space education.

Genex Space Signs Agreement With Skyroot To Launch Satellites​

Genex Space joins hands with Skyroot for a groundbreaking collaboration, working together to launch satellites and elevate possibilities in space exploration.

Genex Space Developes Cansat For INSPACE​

Genex Space proudly announces its latest endeavor, the development of a CanSat for INSPACE. INSPACE will use the cansat to validate several mechanisms for the launch vehicle for its CNASAT-INDIA competition.

Empowering the Next Generation of Space Explorers

At Genex Space, we are passionate about guiding the future generation through the wonders of space education. Whether you’re a curious school student, a fresh graduate with dreams of exploring the cosmos, or a seasoned mid-career professional, we offer tailored programs to ignite your curiosity and meet your unique educational needs. Join us on a thrilling journey into the world of space, where learning knows no bounds.

The Reach

Genex Space extends its global influence, touching countless minds worldwide through innovative space education initiatives. Join us in shaping the future as we expand our reach and inspire a passion for space exploration on a global scale.
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Sujay Sreedhar

Co-Founder & CEO

50 Rising Stars of 2021, Geospatial Magazine | AME | Ex-CTO Owbro Solutions Pvt Ltd. | CO-Founder and Chairman of SSERD

Nikhitha C

Co-Founder & COO

Ambassador for Studies in France | Dr. Kalpana Chawla Scholar-ISU | Youth Icon 2019 | Space Educator | Promoter of Girls & Women in STEM

Backed by experience, driven by passion

Genex Space originated with the key takeaways of SSERD - an NGO committed to elevate and foster space education and research around the globe, with an extensive experience of teaching to more than 50,000 students from over 56 countries.