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SPACE REBOOT – Here’s what our participants said

Bengaluru, 05-02-2024 We are thrilled to share the feedback report from the recently completed first cohort of Space Reboot by Genex Space – an incredible journey that marked a significant milestone in empowering mid-career and young professionals within the space industry.

Space Reboot gave me an opportunity to Network, have clarity on the domain, which path to take, and capabilities to identify opportunities to switch careers!

Thejas K V, PhD student in atmospheric and climate sciences at IISc

Space Reboot was the first program of its kind in India, specially created for those interested in space careers. It offered a unique opportunity for professionals from both technical and non-technical backgrounds to explore and find their way into the exciting world of space.

The inaugural session of Space Reboot took place from January 26 to 28, 2024, marking a modest start with a diverse group of 12 participants hailing from various fields such as Atmospheric Science, Architecture, IT, Medicine, and more. Feedback from all participants on the 3-day program has been collected and is presented below.

Feedback on the impact on career goals in the space industry, networking opportunities, and speaker quality revealed a consensus of 75% rating the experience as excellent and 25% as very good.
Interactive sessions were unanimously rated as extremely valuable, with 100% of participants recognizing their worth.
The overall Space Reboot experience received an exceptional rating, with 91.7% of participants describing it as excellent and 8.3% as very good.

Highly appreciate the homework given by Dr. CVS Kiran

Shivankar Madaan, a Professional from IT cyber security focusing on building a startup who attended the Space Reboot to get a Bird’s Eye view and the current market conditions in the space applications segment

The three critical insights gained from Space Reboot sessions and speaker interactions on feedback by the participants included:

  • Networking opportunities
  • More precise direction on career paths
  • Exposure to diverse opportunities aligning with our backgrounds and experiences to contribute to the space sector.

It’s going to expand your horizons and give a futuristic perspective with a hint of a reality check

Dr. Akanksha Agarwal, Psychiatrist, currently a Postdoctoral fellow in Neuropsychiatry who attended Space Reboot to identify if space medicine/ behavioural health is an area of need/ interest for Indian space ecosystem.

When asked, on a scale of 1-5, what would they rate the program, we got 4.91 🌟 as the average rating.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback underscores the success of Space Reboot, reflecting its impactful contributions to participants’ career goals, extensive networking opportunities, and the high quality of the interactive sessions.

Thank you to all the participants, speakers, and supporters who contributed to the success of the first Space Reboot cohort. Your enthusiasm and commitment to professional development in the space industry have set a strong foundation for future cohorts.


Genex Space pioneers in fostering careers within the dynamic space industry. As innovators in space education, Genex Space provides tailored programs for students and professionals seeking to explore, contribute, and excel in this ever-evolving domain as a Career.


Next Cohort26 – 27 – 28 April 2024



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